Thursday, July 12, 2012

With Deepest Regret: My Resignation

I write this with a heavy heart. I cannot take The Pantry Cookbook any farther on my own. Cooking and writing come to me naturally. When I was exhausted from a day filled with working or caring for my family, I could still squeeze in time to write. Cooking was even easier when the cookbook was in that phase, because I had to feed my family regardless.

But marketing? I have no energy for it. I tried, and I failed. If any food banks or other organizations out there have decided to use my book, I am unaware of them.

It kills me to think that I spent more than a year on a perfectly good product, for a good cause, and I can't give it away for free. The Pantry Cookbook needs someone who knows marketing, someone who has an enthusiasm for solving nutrition issues in North America - and that person is not me.

I would like to think that out there, somewhere, is a college student, who has a future in marketing, or in some sort of save-the-world career. This student needs a little something to pad their resume. The Pantry Cookbook could be that Thing. Do good, get the book into the hands of a few food banks; send out a few press releases, get your name in a few newspapers. . . it would look big and shiny on that resume!

Do you know a college student out there who would be remotely interested in doing this? Or a high school student? Or anyone who is interested in issues of food availability or nutrition? If so, I implore you to pass this information along. Have them visit and get in touch with me. I will happily pass over the reigns of this project, because my calling is elsewhere.

I regret that I have nothing left to give to the Pantry Cookbook.