Thursday, September 22, 2011

CreateSpace: Questions Answered!

I called up CreateSpace to get more information on publishing. The nice fellow walked me through the steps of submitting files, getting and reviewing a proof, and ordering copies. Basically, if I have the whole month of November to wrangle these steps, that will provide ample time to iron out last-minute bugs and order up a Big Box of Books. (And that will also give me the month of November to do NaNoWriMo - win!)

The other things that I discussed with the nice phone fellow were more specific to this project. If I use a Creative Commons copyright thingee that specifies that anyone can publish this book so long as the profits go to to a non-profit organization, then yes! CreateSpace will have no problem with this. Other groups can upload the same files. Their copy will be assigned its own ISBN, but that's the only difference.

This is FANTASTIC! It means any food pantry can upload the digital files to CreateSpace, and then direct their supporters to buy copies online, or or place bulk-order copies for their patrons, entirely independent of me. Especially good, since I was envisioning a best-case-scenario gone horribly horribly wrong, with me being swamped with phone calls and having to order Big Boxes of Books for food pantries all over the country. (Shoot for the moon, knock the moon out of the sky, rocks fall, everyone dies!)

My last question for CreateSpace involved royalties. Could I split my royalties so that half goes to a non-profit org? Sadly, no, they can only send royalties to one person.

I'm still on the fence about making money from this, and I'm frustrated that I would have to choose between taking the royalties or giving them all away.

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