Monday, October 17, 2011

Cookbook Cover!

We have our cover!  Many thanks to Martinique Fisher for her lush, delicious painting.  I have had friends ask me why I wasn't illustrating the cover myself.  Two answers: I don't have time!  And, even if the circumstances were perfect, I doubt I could do justice to a picture of food.  I know my limits as an illustrator.

But, ahem, I'm too clueless about graphic design to know my limits, so the real GD-ers out there can have a laugh at my novice attempt to do something psudo-professional with text.  I used to have fun mangling Palatino for fliers back in my college days, and it was a treat to fiddle with it again.  I'll be tweaking the cover layout some more before the final version goes to the publisher, no doubt.

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