Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Excuses excuses. . .

I've dropped the ball with the cookbook these past couple of weeks. On top of the baby in my belly sucking the energy out of me, I got one of these lovely chest colds that just stays and stays. I'm sure that the temptation to read Wise Man's Fear (a novel I have eagerly awaited for the past year) has had nothing at all to do with my sudden streak of unproductiveness. . .

Thankfully I'm done with the book now, and the cold is on the decline. Last night I was motivated to make pizza from store-bought dough. While I don't think such a meal would be a good fit for the cookbook, the sauce I made for it might be worth tossing in. A can of tomato paste plus herbs and seasonings and a little water makes a much better pizza sauce than marinara sauce does, since it isn't as runny.

In two and a half weeks we'll be a family of four! And last week will be my final week at work. Assuming I don't spawn early, I'll have a few days with nothing better to do than cookbookery and nervous nesting.

I think I was too ambitious to expect to have the whole first draft written by my due date. But I suppose as soon as Steve's wiki is ready, I can start dumping recipes into it, regardless of where the book is at.

And dang, I have learned a ton researching this thing. I'm sure I have already posted this somewhere, but this website has been invaluable.

This article is little more than a condensed version of something in the Journal of HortScience, which I can't read without subscribing, but it summarizes nicely the various reasons why produce is less nutritious than it was 50 years ago. This further convinces me that obesity is tied to lack of nutrition in food.

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