Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turnip Fail

I just attempted to make baked French fries from turnip. They came out soggy, AND burned, AND tasting like raw turnip. Triple fail.

Turnip in soup, however, came out indistinguishable from potato. I guess that was a win, because raw turnip flavor is pretty blargh.

Gabe got points for tasting one of the fail fries, at least. He then handed me the uneaten half.


  1. If you ever manage to make turnips taste good, let me know. I've never met a turnip that I enjoyed eating. :/ Baked sweet potato fries are awesome though!

  2. Will do, Dori! Soup seems to be a good place to start for turnips. Can O bother you for that sweet potato frie recipe? Mine always turn out mushy.