Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Food Pantry Website Topic List

Here is what’s written for the Food Pantry website so far (or in progress). Each main topic includes basic information on cooking, storing, and/or nutrition.

Basic Gravies and Sauces
Beef Gravy
Chicken Gravy
Southern Chicken Gravy
Southern Breakfast Gravy
Enchilada Sauce
Chicken Bean Stew
Bread (packaged)
Sausage stuffing
Boiling whole chicken
Baking whole chicken
Chicken Stock
Chicken soup
Kale omelet
Meatballs (eventually to be filed under "ground beef")
Pumpkin and Other Winter Squash
Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin French Toast

Other topics that I would like to see included:

Beets (especially canned)
Tuna (canned)
Ground Beef (and other ground meats)
Basic cooking equipment
Basic food-handling safety tips
Basic seasonings and spices

If anyone is interested in claiming a topic, let me know! If you can contribute even one, that would be a great help. Or if you have a recipe that fits under one of the topics that has already been written, that would be great, too. I am in particular going to need help with cabbage and tuna, because I have limited experience with both, and (to be kind to Chris, who detests both) there is only so much experimentation I can do with those. And also vegetarian options would be great, too.

Also, let me know what other topics should be on this list. I don’t want the list to get *too* long, because I would like to cover everything on it, and I suspect I’ll end up writing most of it, but I know I’m still missing some essentials.

Thanks to everyone who can chip in!

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